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Youphoria™ Massage Services

SAMADHI is a state of intense concentration achieved through meditation. In yoga this is regarded as the final stage at which union with the divine is reached (before or at death). When energy is harnessed, focused and directed during meditative Love Making or Self pleasure, Samadhi can also be reached in Orgasm.

We invite you to experience Samadhi based Youphoria™ Massage Services with the guidance of our Tantra Practitioner.

Our Wellness studio is a beautiful space for you to unwind, destress and experience sincere relaxation,whilst also revitalising your body.

All Our Tantra massage sessions include:

Guided Breath work | Holistic Bodywork | Healing Sound Therapy | Organic Essential Oils | Organic refreshments | Sexual Energy Activation 

Emotional counselling 
Sexual Dysfunction consultation
Sacred Touch & Intimacy Coaching

We can help you overcome Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction & performance anxiety with expert technique, advice & hands on guidance under the loving hands, heart & mind of our highly professional practitioners. 

Get to Know Our Tantrikas:
Our team are Sacred sexuality practitioners, and Certified Complimentary therapists, dedicated to your health &well being - igniting your orgasmic awakening, mind, body &Soul.

We are skilled in Shamanic healing arts and erotic therapeutic embodiment - arousing your divine masculine through our primordial Shakti flow. Your pleasure is our pleasure. Your healing and sensual surrender our deepest desire. 

Taste Of Tantra 
Not Sure whether Tantra Massage is for you? Why not witness our Tantrikas in deep sensual meditation practice. Here’s your perfect opportunity to ask questions and get a feel for the experience and the expertise of our team. 

Lingham Massage

'‘Lingham’ is the Sanskrit word for penis. In this session our focus is on sexual energy activation through our three main meridian lines, whilst also teaching you the techniques of semen retention, through the process of edging.

Prostate Massage

Through the stimulation of the prostate gland, male whole body orgasm becomes easily achievable, whilst also being a highly effective deterrent for prostate cancer. Guests who present a doctors referral can also benefit from a 15% discount.


If you want a little more than a massage but not quite sure about the Sexual practices of Tantra, we’d love to share with you the BodyEmbrace™ Technique! Get up close & personal, connect & open up to real, sincere intimacy for a powerful experience. 


Leave your inhibition at the door and prepare to explore the depths of your erotic masculine. In this session you will have the full participation of our Tantra practitioner, where you can hold, caress, touch and tease, with the confidence of her expert guidance and professional experience.