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"A Woman's  Place is in constant state of Omgasm"

The Laureate is first and foremost about Women and our ability to hold space for you to evolve into your authentic male self. We have experienced that for a man to come into his true Divine Masculine, he must surrender to his feminine counterpart. The true essence of the Feminine is pure pleasure and creativity.

"The Laureate is a Woman in service to you, who is also at the height of her purest and truest self."

As practitioners of Sacred Sexuality - The Laureate utilises this knowledge to restore harmony and balance within the homes and lives of those who seek us out; providing essential life affirming personal and practical services that endeavour to facilitate adventure, play, community and joy.

Restoring healthy relationships and sexual expression within our clients lives. 

The Laureate has earned outstanding intellectual, creative and soulful  achievement in honing her practice of Sacred Sexuality - and thus embodying the true understanding of the interplay that is the Divine Masculine & Feminine.

Her purpose is to compassionately, with integrity, sincerity and Love share this powerful energetic exchange with those who give her permission to do so through the services she provides. 

Here is your opportunity to take advantage of a Personal Lifestyle Concierge Service that enables you to effectively manage and enjoy your life. Just tell us what you need. 

The Laureate - Time to experience your life

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let the magik happen.