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She is a spiritual warrior, an emotional fortress; the physical embodiment of all the abundance of nature. She creates. She is magnetic. She is source energy that inspires passion and life in all whom she encounters.

She is The Laureate. Are you?


Take the leap

Here is your opportunity to forge a new career path that is in alignment with your lifestyle and professional passions. Take your chance to be an integral part of a universal paradigm shift - consciously evolving the way in which men and woman relate to each other. 

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THe laureate empowering events

 Meet a beautiful, soulful tribe of women; connect with truly effective female powerhouses, that uplift, encourage and empower each other. Learn the magic of sacred sexuality practices and improve your  health and well being - spiritually, emotionally and physically.  this is your opportunity to discover your deepest truest nature and how to share that with others. 

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