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Letting the beauty of who we are, be shown in what we do.

The Laureate offers a personalised Lifestyle Concierge service that caters to the demands of your busy life; enabling you to make the most of your success and your time. From Personal Assistance to Housekeeping, Private Chef, to Event Companion or Playmate - allow us to meet your most practical needs and your most awakening desires.

  • Lifestyle Advisor and PA - 'To Do' List as longs as your arm? Need dinner reservations, organising an event or your diary and travel managed? The Laureate knows how to take the pressure off. She is the consummate business professional, honoured to be your right hand woman.


  • Housekeeping - Laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping; The Laureate takes care of your every day, so you can take care of what really matters. A tiring day at the office brings new invigoration when welcomed home by The Laureate.


  • Health & Nutrition - No more cooking for yourself, say good bye to unhealthy eating, lethargy and a lack of motivation and hello to more energy, motivation, encouragement and expert advice. Feel, look and be at the top of your game. Certified Nutritional Therapists, fitness professionals and private chefs, The Laureate brings all the goodness of life to you.




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